At the Alpaca Harvest Festival

CuriosityGlorious warm and sunny fall day! Perfect for a jaunt into wine and alpaca country. The Alpaca Harvest Festival has alpacas, of course, plus fleece, yarn, finished pieces, kids’ activities, and mostly the fun of being with those adorable, curious, big-eyed creatures. Their curiosity brings them to you, they love to be hand fed, but don’t like being touched. One baby was too young to be shorn yet and looked like a caramel-colored fluff ball on legs.

And having had my temporary fill of alpaca cuteness, other country roads took me to Oak Knoll winery where I wanted to pick up a couple more bottles of their vintners white blend, Toasted Cow. Yikes! They were out. But a 2012 riesling does an admirable stand in.

And so to the loom….

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